Dallas Labor Will Go to the Finish Line

These are times of intense politics and close races!

Kenneth Day and Al Djerla have been constant election workers

President Kenneth Day and Al Dirla of ATU 1338 are constant campaigners

Your Dallas labor movement needs you at the finish. Big money, as exposed by Channel 5 NBC, is running the other side. Our May 6 get out the vote campaign will include door-to-door canvassing, phone banking, and working at the polls from 10 AM through election day. Contact Lorraine Montemayor at 214-448-1557 or just show up at 1408 N Washington #240. 

School Employees Make Great Campaigners

Louis Malfaro of Texas Federation of Teachers

Louis Malfaro is coming to Dallas!

Everyone with an interest in education will get a chance to meet the President of the Texas Federation of Teachers, Louis Malfaro. Malfaro will drive in from Austin to boost the Dallas effort. The Dallas union, Alliance/AFT, has been working hard to get out the vote among school employees.

It's Not Over on May 6

Dallas AFL-CIO Political Director Lorraine Montemayor wants it clear that labor's political battles are as ongoing as they are critical. We will celebrate the end of the first round of voting with one of our endorsed candidates, Philip Kingston, at the "Peak Elm Cocina y Bar," 132 Peak Street, Dallas 78226. Conversations will review our effort so far and strategize for the June 10 runoff. For that election, early voting begins on May 30, but we will be on the streets and phone banking beginning May 20.

Federal and State Politics Add to the Tension

Labor fought hard against it, but the U.S. House of Representatives passed a dangerous anti-health-care bill on May 4. From labor's national organization in DC right down to the Dallas Chapter of the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans, working families worked to turn the tide of greedy big money.

TARA Dallas President George Nolan calling Congress

Dallas retiree president George Nolan had his entire chapter meeting call Congress on May 3

Republicans had failed with their first attempt to gut the Affordable Care Act. They then returned to their  laboratories and created and even-worse Frankenstein version, which pleased enough of the far-right wing to pass the House on a partisan vote. The fight now moves to the Senate, and working families are resolved to fight even harder!

The Texas House of Representatives continues contortionist politics. Last week, they voted against local control as they dictated policies to the cities. This week they sanctimoniously demanded more local control with a vote for a new U.S. Constitution that would emphasize "states rights." They prove that they are for neither for nor against "local control," but are driven by another interest entirely.

MayDay Gains U.S. Support

Working families across the United States celebrated International Workers Day and demanded a fair shake for all working people. Usually, May 1st is celebrated around the world but there are few actions in our nation even though the holiday originated with the 8-hour day movement in Chicago in 1886.

Mark York and Lorraine Montemayor at MayDay protest

Dallas had a big protest around the Wells Fargo bank on Cockrell Hill. The Workers Defense Project organized it with backing from the AFL-CIO and other progressives. Mark York and Lorraine Montemayor, in the photo, of course, were there. 

More Actions Coming Up

May 6, 10A: Dallas AFL-CIO canvassing starts at 1408 N Washington.  Contact Lorraine Montemayor at 214-448-1557

May 6, 11A: Celebration of Life for Mrs Tim Smith at First Baptist Church of Lakeside

May 7, 10A: Teamsters Local 745 holds its annual open house after their 10 AM meeting

May 17, 10:30A: "Expose Walmart Tour" stops at Dallas City Hall, 1500 Marilla (at S. Akard)

May 20, 10A: Get-Out-The-Vote efforts resume for the June 10 runoff election.

May 25, 6AM: Registration for Tarrant County AFL-CIO “Honorable Jim Wright Memorial Annual Invitational” at Diamond Oaks Country Club 5821 Diamond Oaks Dr, FW 76117. Info at 817-284-1461

May 30, 7A: Early voting begins for the June 10 runoff election

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