Dallas Labor Sings for Freedom

Please join labor’s free singalong at 11 AM on July 14 at 1408 N Washington. We’ll celebrate Bastille Day and Woody Guthrie’s birthday with music, information, and good times. Free lunch and drinks will be provided. 

Working people’s culture has been missing from the American labor movement for far too long, but it was a major part of the last great upsurge. Kenny Winfree of UAW and the dynamic couple James Kille and Linda Coleman of Sag-Aftra will be among the performers.

Kenny Winfree sings

KNON radio, where the Workers Beat program is broadcast every Saturday at nine AM, is co-sponsoring with the Dallas AFL-CIO. Sign up to attend on our Facebook Event.

Make 2018 the Greatest Labor Day

 The future for working families is wound around the 2018 November elections. For most working people, Labor Day is the beginning of the political season. Dallas AFL-CIO intends to make it big.

labor day 2018

Is Everyone Ready to Vote?

Is everyone in your union, organization, or neighborhood properly registered and ready to vote? Complete instructions and forms are available on-line. Anyone can distribute the mail-in forms so they can be filled out by the applicant and sent to the proper county elections office. Everything you need is on our web site.

The Dallas AFL-CIO has established an on-line Paypal account through which labor’s supporters can make one-time donations or commit to small monthly “sustainer” payments.