Dallas Labor Is Ready for Action

President Trump has threatened another government shutdown as early as February 15. Mark York of the Dallas AFL-CIO says that we have joined the government employees unions for action as soon as a shutdown happens.

The previous shutdown cost Americans billions of dollars and was ended by labor’s public actions, according to the national AFL-CIO. Political activist Kenneth Williams gave a penetrating analysis of what happened at the monthly First-Wednesday meeting of the Dallas Chapter of the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans. “It wasn’t about the wall,” Williams said.

Kenneth Williams speaks to retirees about the shutdown

Williams explained that if President Trump had so desperately wanted money for a border wall, he would have done something when his party controlled the Congress. He created the crisis after the Democrats had won the House of Representatives for no other reason than to curtail their growing power and add to his own. Williams said that the president had made such a drastic mistake and that it went so severely against Republicans that there is little chance of a repeat. But with this administration, nobody really knows. Williams will answer questions at KNON studios on Saturday. 

Coffee Klatch Will Improve Communications

Activists are gathering at 8 AM at KNON studios, 11311 N Central Expressway in Dallas, to discuss ways to improve communications for working families. Participants will see the radio studio and get a chance to advocate for communications on the air.

Even though Dallas labor is often credited with better communications than other areas, the general bias against working families continues to work against us; consequently, improvements are always needed.

Presently, Dallas labor has several outreach channels:

Texas labor opposes property tax cap

The United Labor Legislative Committee, meeting at the Texas AFL-CIO building, agreed to oppose the property tax cap being advocated by the governor, the lieutenant governor, and the speaker of the house.

After years of cutting the state’s share of school and other local services, Texas politicians began saying that they intend to increase state expenditures this session. Then they sprang legislation that would cut school districts’ and other local governments’ ability to raise their own money. The inference is that the state would make up the difference, but the legislation guarantees no such thing. It is a classic example of “bait and switch.” 

The proposed Republican cap would hit hardest among Texas’ larger cities, where Democrats generally old sway.

More Actions Coming Up

Feb 9, 8A: Coffee Klatch at KNON to discuss improving communications for working families. 1311 N Central Expressway. RSVP

Feb 11: Nelson Mandela was freed from his South African prison in 1990

Feb 15: In case of another government shutdown, prepare to hit the streets! 

Feb 15: Filing deadline for local candidates

Feb 15, 7P: “Fighting Racial Injustice” at Holy Cross Catholic Church 5004 Bonnie View Rd, Dallas, TX 75241-1603. 

Feb 17: Congressional recess begins. Visit your congressperson!

Feb 21, 7:30P: Dallas AFL-CIO Central Labor Council meeting for all affiliated members at 1408 N Washington

Mar 11, 6A: Buses leave 334 Centre Street for Texas AFT Lobby Day