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Canvassers 042217

Canvassing is tomorrow and the next Saturday, election day. Phone banking is 5-8PM Monday and Tuesday. Join us at 1408 N Washington #240, and make a difference for working families! Retirees will phone bank after our 12:30P meeting at 334 Centre in Oak Cliff. We always make a party out of these things!

Lorraine Montemayor says don't worry about the weather. We're building the movement, RAIN OR SHINE!

Rain or Shine

Click here to let us know you're coming!

AT&T Protested!

Early April 28th, Communications Workers and their friends protested the national shareholders meeting of the mighty AT&T corporation.

Mark York at CWA Rally

AFL-CIO leader Mark York brought Lorraine Montemayor and others in solidarity. Workers Defense Project was among the many protesters. We demanded fair negotiations concerning pay, working conditions, pensions, and health care from AT&T management.

Build Our Digital Organizing Effort

Nirav Sanghani and Gene Lantz from Dallas joined union activists from Corpus Christi and Houston at a special training by tech expert Mark Maldonado of the Texas AFL-CIO in Austin on April 24.

digital organizing training

The Dallas AFL-CIO was praised for excellent communications, but one-way communications is not what the labor movement needs today. We need two-way, back-and-forth, interactive organizing on-line, Maldonado told the trainees.

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Even though we are just getting started, here are some of the things we did to help build our AFL-CIO political effort:

  • Created a sign-up "event" as a special web page
  • Created an "event" on Facebook
  • Publicized on Twitter
  • Sent out 157 texts to activists who have sent "@laborrel" to phone number 81010
  • Wrote this article on our web page to send out to 4,000 email activists

Digital organizing is only a part of the organizing that working people need. Telephoning and face-to-face contact are still the mainstays. But modern technology can help; consequently we need a committee working on it. We have barely begun to figure out all the ways we can advance labor's campaigns!

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More Actions Coming Up

Apr 28, 5P: CWA celebrates Workers Memorial Day at 1408 N Washington 

Apr 29, 10A: Dallas AFL-CIO canvassing starts at 1408 N Washington. Lorraine Montemayor  214-826-4808.


May 1, 10A: Rally outside Wells Fargo Bank, 1521 N Cockrell Hill in Dallas. Contact Workers Defense Project at 817-501-5007

May 6, 10A: Election day efforts begin at 10AM at 1408 N Washington#240. Lorraine Montemayor  214-826-4808.

You can't go wrong if you get involved with working families and the Dallas AFL-CIO