Dallas Labor Makes a Statement

Dallas AFL-CIO Political Director Lorraine Montemayor (at left in the photo) joined a news conference at City Hall on May 10. Here are her remarks:

Lorraine Montemayor (on left) at Dallas City Hall

Good morning, my name is Lorraine Montemayor. I am the Political Director for the Dallas AFLCIO.

For over ten years, Workers Defense Project and the Dallas AFL-CIO have been fighting side-by-side to build power for working families.

  • We have passed a rest break ordinance for Dallas Construction Workers.
  • We have elected progressive candidates for DISD School Board, Dallas City Council and for the Texas State House.
  • We have marched together to protest injustice and push back against legislation that hurts working families.

We do this because we share a commitment to justice and the belief that working men and women deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

We fight because working people are the foundation of our City. We are Plumbers/ Pipefitters, electricians, Iron Workers, Sheet Metal Workers, Teachers, Telephone Operators, Fire Fighters, Bus Drivers and ESPECIALLY construction workers. Because of the hard work of these men and women….. Dallas is the second fastest-growing  area in the nation.  

Now, before we celebrate……Not everyone is benefiting from this rapid growth.   

According to the study introduced today by Workers Defense.

  • Dallas has the highest child poverty rate among the ten largest cities in the nation, with over a third of Dallas children living in poverty.
  • One in five Dallas households have incomes below poverty line, and Dallas families now make approximately $10,000 less than they did in 1980.
  • Construction Workers in Dallas are some of Dallas’ poorest residents, earning a median income of just $19,000 a year according to the American Community Service. 

These facts are the reality of what we are living in today.

While some of us are experiencing prosperity, many residence are struggling just to get by. It is because of this truth; The Dallas AFLCIO is committed to continuing our work alongside the Workers Defense Project to fight even harder for more social and economic justice in our communities.

I and my 50,000 union brothers and sisters in and around Dallas are proud to stand in solidarity with Workers Defense Project today.

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