Dallas Labor Asks For Your Help

Labor Day is upon us, and there's a lot you can do!

Help Tell Your Labor Story

Have you inivited your friends to buy a ticket for the Dallas AFL-CIO Labor Day Breakfast? One way you can do that is on social media. You can make a big contribution to "spreading the word" this way.

Facebook event for Labor Day Breakfast

Just click here to go to the Facebook Event, then click on "share." Click then on "invite friends" and your Facebook friends will pop up. Select the relevant ones and then click "send invitations."  They will get notifications to call Lewis at 214-354-9516 or Cindy at 214-826-4808 to buy tickets. Dallas' labor message can reach thousands more people this way!

While you're about it, have you "liked" our Dallas AFL-CIO Facebook page? Just click "like" and your Facebook friends will regularly get postings from your labor movement. These and other ideas about strengthening our movement are discussed at on-line meetings of the Digital Organizing Committee every Sunday night. Sign up here.

Use Your Labor Speakers

As Labor Day approaches, there are more and more opportunities for you to get out the word by connecting your church, union local, school, or other organization to one of our excellent spokespersons. The Dallas AFL-CIO Speakers Bureau. Just click here for descriptions and contact information on top speakers such as Mark York, Sherron Molina, Elaine Adkison, Travis Cantwell or Gene Lantz.

On the Sunday before Labor Day, many churches welcome someone to make a short presentation about the meaning of our day. As school begins, college and high school teachers are looking for outside speakers. Why not have one with the viewpoint of working families? You can make those connections!

Dallas Labor Day Event Keeps Getting Better!

National and state labor leaders are coming to Dallas. The AFL-CIO Executive Vice President, Tefere Gebre, will be with us!

.Tefere Gebre

Wikipedia has a lot to say about Gebre. His first union organizing effort was a successful campaign for sanitation workers. He served as the Executive Director of Frontlash, which was then the youth and college arm of the AFL-CIO. From 1997 to 1999, Gebre was Director of Governmental Relation for Laborers Local 270. He later served as the Southern California Political Director of the California Labor Federation. Labor activists have suggested Gabre's election "represents a generational and philosophical change at the federation -- one that values new progressive partnerships and non-traditional organizing." Click here for a short video.

Labor Day officially begins our political season that will end in November 2018. Some of the most exciting candidates and officeholders will join labor leaders at the breakfast. 

More Actions Coming Up

Aug 26, 11A-3P: Texas State Employees pre-labor day pot luck dinner at 737 S RL Thornton Fwy, 75203. 

Aug 27, 2P: March for “love not hate” in downtown Ft Worth. At JFK tribute, 916 Main, 76102

Aug 26, 9:30A: “Environmental Justice” at Unitarian Church, 3839 W Kiest Blvd, Dallas. Info at 214-679-2521

Aug 28, 5:30P: Communications Workers Local 6215 will help volunteers become deputy voter registrars at 1408 N Washington. Contact Nancy Hall at 214-826-6215

Aug 28, 6P: "Fight for $15" organizing  meeting at 2803 Taylor, Dallas 75226 or is it "Mudsmith" at 2114 Greenville, Dallas 75206?

Aug 28, 6:30P Dallas Democrats present “Social Media 101” training, at 4209 Parry Ave, Dallas, TX 75223

Sep 2, 3-5P: “The Commish” talk show with candidates for Dallas District Attorney at 1408 N Washington. Free

Sep 2, 6P: Gene Lantz speaks on “Labor Day and Labor History” at Roma's Pizza and Italian Restaurant, 7402 Greenville Avenue.

Sep 4, 9A: Dallas AFL-CIO Labor Day Breakfast. at  944 S Lamar, Dallas 75202. Info at 214-826-4808

Sep 4, 11A: Tarrant County AFL-CIO Labor Day Picnic at 95 Hurst Blvd, Hurst

Sep 4,12-4P: Dallas Democrats Labor Day celebration at 4930 Military Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75227

Sep 5: Garland Fire Fighters are needing our support with finding union members and activist to speak at Garland's City Hall Meeting. Information at 214-448-1557 

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