Choose Your Candidates!

The long process of screening political candidates continues. These Texas candidates are endorsed:

Endorsed at Texas AFL-CIO COPE Convention

Statewide, labor collects written questionnaires and grills candidates to make sure they are best for working families. Recommendations were taken to the Texas AFL-CIO COPE (Committee on Political Education) convention for final decisions. Dallas AFL-CIO screening for local candidates continues at 9:30AM on January 29. By a special vote, Dallas labor endorsed County Judge Clay Jenkins. All endorsements will be listed on our web site at

Dallas labor doesn't just pick candidates, we elect them. Sign up to help at

Fight For Our Rights

Texas voter suppression has already taken a toll. Vote-by-mail applications are being held up and voter registration forms are being held back!

Newspaper headlines misinform us by saying that VBM applications are being "rejected," when in fact they are only delayed. County election officials are working overtime to resolve the problems caused by the new application forms visited upon us by Republicans in the last legislature. Simple solutions are given on the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans web page at, but some damage has already been done.

The Secretary of State office held up voter registration drives by saying that the forms are not available. After protests from the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans and others, he may stop dragging his feet. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party has said they will print their own.

Surely there can be no argument that Republicans are trying to stop ordinary people from voting in every state where they hold power. They also blockaded a national effort to restore voting rights. The only question remaining is "what are you going to do about it?" 

Labor will certainly fight today, tomorrow, and all the way into November. We are working hard to mobilize the people who believe in freedom. There will be a downtown freedom rally at 10AM on February 14 at 600 Commerce. If you are with us in this long-term fight, please sign up at!


Jan 29, 9:30A: Dallas AFL-CIO candidate screening. Contact [email protected]

Jan 31: Deadline for applications for Texas AFL-CIO scholarships

Jan 31: Deadline for Union Plus scholarship applications

Jan 31: Last day to register to vote for the Primary election

Feb 14, 10A: First day of early voting. Rally at 600 Commerce in downtown Dallas to encourage turnout

Feb 18: Last day for county elections offices to receive application for a ballot to vote by mail

Feb 25: Early voting ends

Mar 1: Election day