Register All Texans!

Texans are not surrendering to the anti-voter politicians. We will go on demanding federal voter laws and, whether we get legislation or not, labor will be hitting back hard in every election!

Start Now

Right now, we can start registering Texas voters. We can steer the eligible ones toward voting by mail. We don’t have to wait for somebody to organize something, because everything we need is available on-line. is a powerful tool. Anybody who clicks it can:

  1. check to make sure they are properly registered
  2. start the registration process
  3. start the application for vote-by-mail

The Texas Secretary of State page tells all about Texas elections starting at  They help people register at  If you need a registration form for somebody else, you can download one from  

Every Texan lives in a precinct, and their precinct chairperson can find out who is registered and who is not.  You can check on your close neighbors at Finished applications go to your county elections office. If you aren’t sure where it is, the Secretary of State will tell you at 

Rather than sorting everybody by county, it is often a good idea to just send completed forms to Austin: ATTN: Secretary of State / P.O. Box 12060, Austin, TX, 78711. One can get postage-free registration forms by writing [email protected]. The maximum they will send is 100.

More Fun

Forming a group to register voters together is more fun than doing it alone. If you’d like some help on union politics, contact our Dallas AFL-CIO Political Director.