November 3 Candidates for North Texas

National and state COPE-endorsed candidates are listed on the Texas AFL-CIO page. Below are listed candidates of special interest to North Texas voters:

National Offices

President = Joe Biden

Vice-President = Kamala Harris

Statewide Offices

U.S. Senate = M.J. Hegar

Railroad Commissioner = Chrysta Castañeda

Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice = Amy Clark Meachum

Texas Supreme Court, Place 6 =Kathy Cheng 

Texas Supreme Court, Place 7 = Staci Williams

Texas Supreme Court, Place 8 =Gisela Triana

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 4 =Tina Clinton 

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 9 =Brandon Birmingham 


U.S. House, District 3 = Lulu Seikaly

U.S House, District 6 = Stephen Daniel 

U.S. House, District 12 = Lisa Welch 

U.S. House, District 24 = Candace Valenzuela 

U.S. House, District 25 = Julie Oliver

U.S. House, District 30 =U.S. Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson

U.S. House, District 32 =U.S. Rep. Colin Allred 

U.S. House, District 33 =U.S. Rep. Marc Veasey


Texas House

Texas House, District 64 =Angela Brewer

Texas House, District 65 =Rep. Michelle Beckley

Texas House, District 90 =Rep. Ramon Romero Jr.

Texas House, District 91 =Jeromy Sims

Texas House, District 92 = Jeff Whitfield

Texas House, District 93 =Lydia Bean

Texas House, District 94 =Alisa Simmons 

Texas House, District 95 =Rep. Nicole Collier

Texas House, District 96 =Joe Drago

Texas House, District 97 =Elizabeth Beck

Texas House, District 101 =Rep. Chris Turner

Texas House, District 102 =Rep. Ana-Maria Ramos

Texas House, District 103 =Rep. Rafael Anchia

Texas House, District 104 =Rep. Jessica González

Texas House, District 105 =Rep. Terry Meza 

Texas House, District 106 =Jennifer Skidonenko

Texas House, District 107 =Rep. Victoria Neave

Texas House, District 108 =Joanna Cattanach

Texas House, District 109 =Rep. Carl Sherman Sr.

Texas House, District 110 =Rep. Toni Rose

Texas House, District 111 =Rep. Yvonne Davis

Texas House, District 112 =Brandy Chambers

Texas House, District 113 =Rep. Rhetta Andrews Bowers

Texas House, District 114 =Rep. John Turner

Texas House, District 115 =Rep. Julie Johnson

Dallas County 

5th Court of Appeals District, Place 3 = Bonnie Goldstein 

5th Court of Appeals, Place 6= Craig Smith

5th Court of appeals, Place 8= Dennise Garcia

Dist. Judge, 14th District. Court= Eric V. Moye

Dist. Judge, 95th Judicial District Court (Civil Court/Dallas County)=Monica Purdy

District. Judge, 162nd Dist. Court = Maricela Moore

Dist. Judge, 254th Dist. Court Sandre Streete Moncriffe

Dist. Judge, Criminal Dist. Court 2 = Nancy Kennedy

Judge, Criminal District Court 4 = Dominigue Collins

Dallas County Sheriff = Marian Brown

County Tax Assessor Collector = John R. Ames 

Dallas County Commissioner Pct 1 = Theresa Daniel

Dallas County Commissioner Pct 3 = John Wiley Price

Dallas County Democratic Party Chair = Carol Donovan

Tarrant County

Sherriff Tarrant Vance Keyes
Johnson Co Democratic Chair Linda Brown 
Tarrant County Commissioner pct 3 Kathy Braatz 
Johnson County Commissioner Chris Evans
Denton Co Comm District 1 Sandy Swan
District Judge 96th Tim Brandenburg 
Judge 360th Michael Munoz
Judge 352nd District Court: Olyn Poole
Judge 348th District Court: Maryellen Hicks
Judge Second Court of Appeals, Place 6: Delonia Watson
Judge 342nd District Court: Valerie Baston
Judge 213th JDC Felony Criminal Court: Lakesha K Smith
Judge, Criminal District Court 2: Karen Williams

The Texas Alliance for Retired Americans separately endorsed:

Texas House, District 102 =Rep. Ana-Maria Ramos
Texas House District 108 = Joanna Cattanach
Texas House, District 113 =Rep. Rhetta Andrews Bowers
Texas House District 114 = John Turner
County Commissioner = Dr Theresa Daniel