Labor's Outcomes for May 1, 2021


Six Victories, 1 Loss, and 2 Runoffs:

Labor's candidate lost in District Eleven. We will be fighting hard in runoffs for Districts Four and Seven through June 5. Our other six endorsed candidates won in the first round. We made thousands of phone calls and publicized our candidates as broadly as we could legally do. On election day, we ran a car caravan to help get out the vote. We held a Mayday/Election Day picnic at Everglade Park.

The Dallas AFL-CIO calls on everybody who supports working families to contact Political Director Mariah Warwick and win!

Final Figures from Political Director

Dallas District 1- Chad West 52.06%

Dallas District 2- RUN OFF

Dallas District 3- Casey Thomas 82.12%

Dallas District 4- RUN OFF

Dallas District 5- Jamie Resendez 51.75%

Dallas District 6- Omar Narvarez 56.15%

Dallas District 7- RUN OFF

Dallas District 8- Tennell Atkins 73.56%

Dallas District 9- Paula Blackmon 63.09%

Dallas District 10- B Adam McGough 90.89%

Dallas District 11- RUN OFF

Dallas District 12- Cara Mendelsohn 81.44%

Dallas District 13- RUN OFF

Dallas District 14- RUN OFF

Tarrant AFL-CIO Endorsements for May 1:

Tarrant Endorsements

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