Election Results for March 3, 2020

Joe Biden for President took 40% of Dallas County, Sanders took 27% with 231,688 voting. At the state level Biden outpolled Sanders 33% to 30%. MJ Hegar took front place with 23% in the Democratic race to challenge Senator Cornyn, but will have to be in a runoff against Royce West.

All propositions passed handily with over 90% in Dallas County

As you can see below, labor's endorsed candidates did very well in North Texas. Dallas activists will accompany Lorraine Birabil as she continues her road to victory in the July 15 runoff election.

Below are the results of North Texas races which had labor endorsements. "Yes" means that they will be in the November elections. 

Statewide Offices

Railroad Commissioner =Roberto “Beto” Alonzo //runoff//

Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice =Dual Endorsement of Amy Clark Meachum and Jerry Zimmerer //yes//

Texas Supreme Court, Place 6 =Kathy Cheng //yes//

Texas Supreme Court, Place 7 =Brandy Voss //no//

Texas Supreme Court, Place 8 =Gisela Triana //yes//

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 3 =Dual Endorsement of William Demond and Dan Wood   //no//

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 4 =Tina Clinton //yes//

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 9 =Brandon Birmingham //yes// 


U.S. House, District 3 =Dual Endorsement of Sean McCaffity and Lulu Seikaly  //both in runoff//

U.S House, District 6 =Stephen Daniel //yes//

U.S. House, District 12 =Dual Endorsement of Danny Eugene Anderson and Lisa Welch //yes// 

U.S. House, District 24 =Dual Endorsement of Kim Olson and Candace Valenzuela //both in runoff// 

U.S. House, District 25 =Dual Endorsement of Julie Oliver and Heidi Sloan //yes//

U.S. House, District 30 =U.S. Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson //yes//

U.S. House, District 32 =U.S. Rep. Colin Allred  //yes//

U.S. House, District 33 =U.S. Rep. Marc Veasey //yes//


Texas House

Texas House, District 64 =Angela Brewer //yes//

Texas House, District 65 =Rep. Michelle Beckley //yes//

Texas House, District 90 =Rep. Ramon Romero Jr. //yes//

Texas House, District 91 =Jeromy Sims //yes//

Texas House, District 92 =Dual endorsement of Steve Riddell and Jeff Whitfield //runoff//

Texas House, District 93 =Lydia Bean //yes//

Texas House, District 94 =Alisa Simmons //yes//

Texas House, District 95 =Rep. Nicole Collier //yes//

Texas House, District 96 =Joe Drago //yes//

Texas House, District 97 =Elizabeth Beck //yes//

Texas House District 100 =Lorraine Birabil //runoff//

Texas House, District 101 =Rep. Chris Turner //yes//

Texas House, District 102 =Rep. Ana-Maria Ramos //yes//

Texas House, District 103 =Rep. Rafael Anchia //yes//

Texas House, District 104 =Rep. Jessica González //yes//

Texas House, District 105 =Rep. Terry Meza //yes//

Texas House, District 106 =Jennifer Skidonenko //yes//

Texas House, District 107 =Rep. Victoria Neave //yes//

Texas House, District 108 =Joanna Cattanach //yes//

Texas House, District 109 =Rep. Carl Sherman Sr. //yes//

Texas House, District 110 =Rep. Toni Rose //yes//

Texas House, District 111 =Rep. Yvonne Davis //yes//

Texas House, District 112 =Brandy Chambers //yes//

Texas House, District 113 =Rep. Rhetta Andrews Bowers //yes//

Texas House, District 114 =Rep. John Turner //yes//

Texas House, District 115 =Rep. Julie Johnson //yes//

Dallas County 

5th Court of Appeals District, Place 3 + Bonnie Goldstein //yes// 

5th Court of Appeals, Place 6= Craig Smith //yes//

5th Court of appeals, Place 8= Dennise Garcia //yes//

Dist. Judge, 14th District. Court= Eric V. Moye //yes//

Dist. Judge, 95th Judicial District Court (Civil Court/Dallas County)=Monica Purdy //yes//

District. Judge, 162nd Dist. Court = Maricela Moore //yes//

Dist. Judge, 254th Dist. Court Sandre Streete Moncriffe //no//

Dist. Judge, Criminal Dist. Court 2 = Nancy Kennedy //yes//

Dist. Judge Criminal Dist. Court 3 = Alison Grinter Allen //no//

Judge, Criminal District Court 4 = Dominigue Collins //yes//

Dallas County Sheriff = Marian Brown //yes//

County Tax Assessor Collector = John R. Ames //yes//

Dallas County Commissioner Pct 1 = Theresa Daniel //yes//

Dallas County Commissioner Pct 3 = John Wiley Price //yes//

Dallas County Democratic Party Chair = Carol Donovan //yes//

Tarrant County

Sherriff Tarrant Vance Keyes  //yes//
Johnson Co Democratic Chair Linda Brown //yes// 
Tarrant County Commissioner pct 3 Kathy Braatz  //yes// 
Johnson County Commissioner Chris Evans  //yes//
Denton Co Comm District 1 Sandy Swan  //yes//
District Judge 96th Tim Brandenburg   //yes//
Judge 360th Michael Munoz //yes//
Retirees Endorse
The Texas Alliance for Retired Americans endorsed these 4 candidates:
Texas House District 100 =Lorraine Birabil //runoff//
Texas House District 108 =Joanna Cattanach //yes//
Texas House District 114 =John Turner //yes//
County Commissioner =Dr Theresa Danie //yes//l