Dallas Labor Strategizes To Win

Concerned labor leaders gathered with AFL-CIO political director Lorraine Montemayor on August 22 for a penetrating look at the upcoming elections. Everyone assembled agreed that November will be critical for working families; consequently, our best thinking is demanded. Some of the most important races in Texas are in Dallas County.

Labor activists are thinking through the election

Montemayor had compiled the hard statistics. She noted that labor’s volunteers can focus on certain political areas where multiple critical candidates are running. She outlined ambitious outreach programs that will include texting, workshop leafleting, public events, phone banking, door-to-door canvassing, robo-calling, and mailing. The more volunteers we can muster, she noted, the more success we will have.

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Many union members began volunteering months ago. Some of them have attached themselves to particular campaigns, while others take a broader approach toward all working families. Many are working on voter registration.

The most important date coming up is September 3 when the Dallas AFL-CIO holds its Labor Day Breakfast. Progressive candidates will be there to meet as many union supporters as possible. It will launch our combined efforts to win in November.

Herb Keener of Communications Workers Local 6215 emphasized three important dates:

  1. September 16 is the Dallas Pride Parade when union members will help register voters
  2. October 9 is the last day to register for November voting
  3. October 22 is the first day of early voting when progressives expect to hold a rally in downtown Dallas

Mark York, the principal officer of the Dallas AFL-CIO, said that labor will continue planning and strategizing as more election information becomes available. We will be both flexible and strong!

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