Dallas Labor Screens for Entire Ballot!

On December 16, the Dallas AFL-CIO and progressive allies screened candidates for every race that will be on the primary ballot. 

We interviewed candidates for US Congress, Governor, and JP

Six panels with 8-14 interviewers worked all day with fifteen minutes per candidate. At the beginning of each interview, candidates were asked to sign a pledge to support working families.

candidates signed a pledge to working families

Democrats, Independents, and Republicans signed the pledge.

The process had begun weeks earlier when written questionnaires went out to candidates. Their written responses and their responses to interviewers' questions were considered before recommendations were made. Some of the candidates also brought their campaign literature. Final results are expected to be available on December 22 on this web site.

The outstanding numbers of participants and the even larger number of candidates made our screening process the largest and most thorough Dallas screening ever done on behalf of working families. The process was conceptualized by principal officer Mark York, designed by political director Lorraine Montemayor, and carried out by dozens of devoted activists.

Around 6 PM, when the last candidates were finishing their interviews and union leaders were beginning to review results, I asked Central Labor Council President George Rangel to sum up the arduous process. He had one word, "Flawless!"

President Rangel with Political Director MontemayorGet Involved with Labor