Dallas Labor Fighting for June 10 Runoff Victory

At our meeting on May 18, City Councilpersons Adam Medrano and Tiffinni Young were joined by County Treasurer Pauline Medrano in congratulating the Council on our electoral successes in the first round. Candidate Omar Narvaez made a passionate appeal for support. Both of the Medranos asked the Council to endorse Narvaez for City Council District 6 in the runoff, which prompted CWA member Bonnie Mathias to make a motion from the floor. The delegates agreed to support Narvaez. We were already committed to the runoff elections of Tiffinni Young in District 7 and Tennell Atkins in District 8.

School Board Candidate Lori Kirkpatrick

School employees back Lori Kirkpatrick for Dallas School Board

Rena Honea, President of Alliance/AFT, the school employees union, encouraged everyone to work for Dr Lori Kirkpatrick for School Board in District 2. Kirkpatrick gave one of the best talks of the evening. She said that Dallas schools are “under attack.” “I am adamantly opposed to any proposal that would take our tax money and give it to private entities,” she said. She also spoke strongly against so-called “reform” policies that pit one teacher against another. She said that the turnover rate for Dallas teachers was already a disgraceful 21%!