Choosing the Best

When Dallas working families want to know their candidates, there is no better source than the endorsements of the Dallas AFL-CIO. On March 2, panels of union activists pored over long questionnaire responses and personally interviewed candidates all day. 

Many different unions were represented on the panels

The candidates were guided to their interview panel by political director Lorraine Montemayor and Financial Secretary-Treasurer Mark York. Before the day was over, leading union members personally knew most of the candidates running in the May 4 election.

Mark York visited with candidate Erin Moore

Before beginning their interview, each candidate was asked to sign an affirmation that they really stood for working families. Nearly all of them did.

Adam Medrano signed the pledge

The results of the screening process will be compared scientifically and submitted to the Central Labor Council meeting on the evening of March 21. Expect a major announcement of labor's endorsements on March 22, 2019. We put 30+ photos on our Facebook Page at