Are You Ready to Vote?

Be certain that you can vote in the next election. If you have moved, or haven't voted in a while, be safe and check.

You can use your Texas drivers license number or other information to check on your voter status. Click on If you need to register or re-register, you can download the form from that same site.

Seniors, disabled Texans, and voters who will be out of town during the voting period can vote by mail. It offers convenience and other advantages. Ballots come well in advance of voting deadlines so that voters have plenty of time to research each issue and candidate before they finalize their vote.

Vote by mail applications can be printed out from They must be sent to the county elections office. A complete list of county offices is on-line at this link:

vote is voice

Most election activists get voter registration cards from county offices. But it is also possible to find generic Texas forms on line. Once they are filled out, they still have to be sent to the proper county election office as listed at the link above.

Texas voter registration form