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If working families expect to overcome the problems that beset us, we have to organize.

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Learning digital organizing with the Texas AFL-CIO 

On April 24, the Texas AFL-CIO in Austin held an all-day training session on “digital organizing.” It was there that I realized that, as a lifelong communications specialist, I’ve been on the wrong track. Working families don’t need somebody to communicate to them. They’re already smart enough. What they need is organizers!

Fortunately, the national AFL-CIO is providing tools and training for organizers. Digital organizing means using the internet, not to communicate, but to organize. Web sites, social media, and e-mails aren’t just for spreading information, but for gathering information in an interactive scenario that leads to power for working families.

Digital organizing is only a part of the solution, we learned from Texas AFL-CIO tech specialist Mark Maldonado. Organizing is still primarily about interacting on the phone, on people’s porches, and, best of all, in our workplaces.

We don’t need writers, editors, orators, or picture takers, although those skills can help. What we need is organizers. Browse to and sign up.