GM Strike

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Social Media: Support UAW Workers 

Background: Nearly 50,000 U.S. auto workers are on strike at General Motors (GM) facilities nationwide. This is the biggest strike by any labor organization in the U.S. since 2007. 

The current contract with GM expired. Negotiators failed to come to an agreement on fair wages, affordable health care, and job security. 

Action: Your support is needed to urge GM to go back to the bargaining table and negotiate a fair contract with UAW workers. As contract negotiations between UAW and GM continue, this guide will help allies deliver our message and strengthen engagement both online and on the ground. 

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Targeting Company: The following Twitter handles for GM can be used for social media campaigns highlighting the voices of workers and the need for the company to provide a fair contract which honors the contributions and sacrifices of UAW members. 

  • @GM 
  • @MTBarra 

Hashtags: To help track the conversation on social media, we encourage everyone to use the following hashtags: 

  • #StandWithUs 
  • #UAWStrike 
  • #gmstrike 
  • #MTbarra 
  • #solidarity 
  • #UAW 

Sample Tweets: To help members and allies show their support and make their voices heard online, the following sample tweets can be shared: 

Ways to Support UAW workers during GM Strike 

  • I am proud to stand with 50,000 @UAW members on strike fighting for fair wages, affordable health care and job security. #StandWithUs #UAW 
  • #Solidarity with the 50,000 @UAW workers on strike today against @Gm nationwide. I urge @GM to come to table with workers and negotiate in good faith. 
  • #GMstrike is about rebuilding the middle class. @UAW members deserve fair wages, affordable health care and job security. #GM do the right thing. 
  • Protecting good jobs starts with supporting workers at @UAW who are facing big cuts to #healthcare and take-home pay. #GM do the right thing and negotiate a fair contract. 
  • There would be no middle class without the @UAW. @GM do the right thing, get back to the negotiating table. #StandWithUs #UAW 
  • Stand with Striking GM Workers! #StandWithUs #UAW #Solidarity 
  • Why is @GM and @MTBarra trying to cut health care for middle class workers? I stand with @UAW. #StandWithUs 

Update - September 20, 2019
General Motors chose to terminate their health coverage immediately for more than 48,000 members and their families, who are all now at risk of being suddenly uninsured.  This has left members and their families unable to pay for insulin, and in one case a worker at GM’s Spring Hill, Tennessee plant woke up in a hospital bed after surgery to learn of the news. 

UAW is asking folks to amplify this heartless action by GM by sharing through your social media pages the following tweet and Facebook post to help spread this news: