Dallas News Union Vote Sends Powerful Message

The Texas AFL-CIO today congratulated the newsroom staff of the Dallas Morning News on their decision to speak up together through a union to advocate for better working conditions and job security.

The 84-28 vote to gain recognition for the Dallas News Guild certifies the first newspaper newsroom union in Texas since the closure of the San Antonio Light in 1993.

“The Dallas Morning News is an important Texas institution whose success has always hinged on an amazing collection of newsroom talent,” Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy said. “Today’s vote result gives these working people a stronger voice in their future.”

“Reporters, editors and other newsroom employees at the Morning News understood that unions provide a vehicle not just to negotiate wages and benefits but to strengthen their role in a changing news industry. The Texas AFL-CIO welcomes the Dallas News Guild to the Texas union family and looks forward to seeing the union successfully negotiate a first contract.”