Biden Win, Texas Turnout Bode Well for Working Families

The Texas AFL-CIO today congratulated Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris on their hard-won victory in the presidential race, saying it opens new paths for working families.

Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy and Secretary-Treasurer Montserrat Garibay issued this statement:

“Voters have spoken. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s national victory is a huge win for working families in Texas. Joe Biden is the most pro-worker candidate to enter the White House in our history and Kamala Harris broke what had seemed like a shatterproof glass ceiling as the first woman and woman of color elected to national office.”

“This election has a union label on it. Unions mobilized in Texas and around the nation for economic justice and, in coalition with long-time allies, joined in the fight for racial justice and democracy. The inauguration on Jan. 20 cannot happen soon enough.”

“While our highest hopes in Texas fell short, the march to a new electorate continues. The biggest Texas AFL-CIO political operation in generations helped deliver a record number of working people to the polls — in a pandemic. In statewide, regional or local elections, results had to be earned and could no longer be assumed. That is the definition of a battleground. We have renewed faith that a new generation of voters will continue to move Texas forward, with working families on the rise.”