Texas Not Hospitable to Far-Right ALEC Agenda

At a coalition news conference/rally to protest the American Legislative Exchange Council, Texas AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Montserrat Garibay issued this statement:

“The progressive organizations you see before you today have a message for the American Legislative Exchange Council: Hijacking the legislative process to serve corporate interests and right-wing billionaires is not welcome in Texas.

“Every advocate here might offer different specifics in criticizing the ALEC agenda. At the Texas AFL-CIO, we have fought ALEC legislation calculated to hinder a fair shot for working people who want to speak up together for better pay and benefits. Our allies know ALEC has promoted far-right agendas on the environment, on health care, on disability rights, on voting rights, on immigration and on other issues that we address every day in a quest to build a better Texas.

“But we agree on the bigger picture. ALEC is a secretive partisan shadow group. And this week, ALEC is in Austin, Texas, working behind closed doors to hatch more bad bills. Here’s the thing: This is a new day in Texas. Texans are on to ALEC and this Texas coalition stands united and stronger than ever against ALEC’s agenda.”