Vote by Mail

Whereas, Vote-By- Mail is a convenience to any registered voter which allows those voters to research and study those candidates and proposals presented on the ballot from the comfort of their own home,

And Whereas, Vote-By-Mail gives the voter an opportunity to vote whether they are disabled, ill, without transportation or any other situation that would hinder their ability to go to the polls,

And Whereas, Vote-By-Mail would be available for all elections thus saving time for all voters

And Whereas, the savings to the state of Texas would ripple through all communities and would also create a paper trail in case of irregularities in the voting process 

And Whereas, the states of California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington have proven the success of Vote-By-Mail with a large increase in voter participation 

And Whereas, Vote-By-Mail would be a tremendous revenue generator for the United States Postal Service

Be It Resolved, that the Texas State AFL-CIO and the Texas State Association of Letter Carriers support legislation in the state of Texas to allow Vote-By-Mail for all elections.

Submitted by Homer Hernandez.