In Support of U.S. Space Exploration Program

WHEREAS, Democratic Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson gave vision to the U.S. Space Program which for over fifty years has united the American people in pride of leadership in space and space-related technology, and is an investment in America’s future and a national treasure; and, 

WHEREAS, NASA contributed to America’s goals in economic growth and security, preserving the environment, educational excellence, and peaceful exploration and discovery such as the Mars-Sojourner and the Hubble telescope’s exploration of distant galaxies; and, 

WHEREAS, NASA’s highly skilled diverse workforce and world-class facilities represent the backbone of our nation’s civil research and development capabilities in aeronautics and space; and, 

WHEREAS, NASA has embarked on a bold new vision, it should accelerate with a sense of urgency the development of an American built spacecraft to ferry American Astronauts to the Space Station. And more specifically, to:

  • Build upon our investment in the ISS, a unique national laboratory and a bridge to enable America and other space-faring nations of the world to execute the mission of human exploration beyond low Earth orbit.
  • Make optimal use of the inventory of American-developed Atlas and Delta launch vehicles and to launch the Orion Spacecraft for future exploration missions. 
  • Continue to grow exploration capability organically using new technology. 
  • Rebuild the Cape infrastructure to support high-rate liquid rocket operations. 
  • Provide the Johnson Space Center with a minimum of $50 million to retrain the at risk work force. 
  • Every NASA Facility will upgrade the Labor Relations Person to Senior Executive Service (SES) and provide this new position with a minimum of six person staff.
  • Enhance NASA’s capability and organic expertise to provide credible scientific, technological, and engineering leadership to help us better understand our Earth environment. 
  • Inspire the rising generation of young men and women to become committed to increasing knowledge in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) by making NASA and its programs relevant to the American public. 
  • And enhance our international prestige. 

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Texas AFL-CIO reiterates its support of the U.S. Space Program, including a staffed space station and space exploration, and urges the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to set realistic goals and establish schedules to accomplish these goals. The Texas AFL-CIO urges the U.S. Congress to legislate stable multi-year funding of NASA to achieve the scientific, educational, environmental, and economic goals of the U.S. Space Program and Space Station in the 21stCentury. 

 Submitted by: 

Byron K. Williams 
President/Directing Business Representative 
South Texas District Lodge 37, IAM & AW 

Approved in Memory of Billy Robinson