In Support of Collective Bargaining Rights of Federal Employees

WHEREAS, 800,000 federal employees, many of whom work in Texas, have served our nation with distinction and Texans appreciate the public services that federal workers deliver to our state;

WHEREAS, the Texas labor movement benefits mightily from the participation and growth of the American Federation of Government Employees, which has its largest contingent of state membership in Texas;

WHEREAS, the Trump Administration is attacking and threatening the collective bargaining rights federal employees exercise through AFGE and other unions;

WHEREAS, federal employees suffered through an outrageous 35-day lockout that started three days before Christmas 2018 and kept employees off their jobs involuntarily or required them to work without pay;

WHEREAS, the Trump Administration is seeking to dictate contract terms to a wide array of federal workers, rather than bargain with them in good faith;

WHEREAS, White House-imposed anti-labor and anti-worker proposals would take away the ability of federal workers to speak up for their livelihoods;

WHEREAS, bargaining rights are clearly granted in federal law via the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978;

WHEREAS, working conditions of federal workers directly affect the ability of the federal government to care for veterans, support the military, inspect food and water, secure key facilities, administer Social Security, Medicare and other programs that benefit working families, preserve our national parks and fight crime;

WHEREAS, labor rights are human rights;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that delegates to the 60thTexas AFL-CIO Constitutional Convention call on Congress and the President to uphold collective bargaining rights of federal workers and to stop unilaterally seeking to impose contracts that eliminate the presence of the union in the federal workplace, severely restrict conditions under which federal workers may bargain, and undermine the right of federal employees to union representation.