Next Steps for Young Workers in Texas

WHEREAS, the future of the labor movement in Texas depends on recruitment, development and power-building among young workers;

WHEREAS, young workers in our state and nation face radically changing work environments and rules for success that threaten the livelihoods of working families and are fracturing the path to the middle class;

WHEREAS, all union members, retirees and allies have a fundamental obligation to build a stronger labor movement so working families can thrive in the future;

WHEREAS, the Texas chapter of Young Active Labor Leaders (YALL), authorized by this body in 2014, represents working people entering the labor movement, finding their way and building for the future;

WHEREAS, Texas YALL exerts a strong influence on the Texas AFL-CIO through participation in all our programs, holds a designated seat on the Executive Board and includes members who play major leadership roles in their unions and in the state labor federation;

WHEREAS, Texas YALL has brought new energy to the Texas labor movement, holding major conferences, participating in actions across the state, providing new ideas and building leadership;

WHEREAS, current members of Texas YALL represent a generation that is embracing labor unions anew, with polls consistently showing that elevated numbers of young Americans believe unions are the most effective means of navigating the radically changed workplace;

WHEREAS, Texas YALL is carrying forward the labor movement’s commitments to economic justice, social justice and civil rights;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the delegates at the 60thTexas AFL-CIO Constitutional Convention recognize Texas YALL as a constituency group of the Texas AFL-CIO;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the delegates will recruit young workers and apprentices in their affiliated unions and central labor bodies to participate in Texas YALL; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that the delegates will petition their central labor bodies to support the inclusion of existing Texas YALL Chapters in the work of the labor movement or petition their central labor body to aid in the creation of Texas YALL Chapters where none currently exist. This support should include being a “Labor Partner” to Texas YALL Chapters, as defined in the Texas YALL by-laws.

Submitted by Jason Lopez, Texas YALL Chair