Hurricane Harvey was a storm of epic proportions, blowing or flooding working people out of their homes in Houston, Galveston Island, Central Texas, the Coastal Bend and all points in between. The full scale of Harvey’s destruction is hard to determine, but we already know it was the most wide-ranging natural disaster in modern Texas history.

Now more than ever our brothers and sister impacted by Hurricane Harvey need our help. If you want to do something and help a Texas working family in need, it is extremely easy to do so:

Here are 5 Things You Can Do to Help:

1.     If you were affected or know someone who needs assistance, please have them apply to the Texas Workers Relief Fund:

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2.     Tell your union brothers/sisters in affected areas to text HARVEY to 235-246 to fill out our disaster relief application.

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3.     Organize a Harvey volunteer team with your local union:



4.     Please consider a donation to the Texas Workers Relief Fund, overseen by the Texas AFL-CIO. The fund provides direct help to working families in need. While we cannot make anyone whole, the Texas Workers Relief Fund sends a message of solidarity and the knowledge that working people affected by this disaster are supported by Brothers and Sisters across the nation. Go to the link:

5.     Share and lift our posts on Facebook

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Thank you for keeping Texas workers in your thoughts and prayers. You and other unions from across North America have sent a message of solidarity to all of Texas, and especially to the storm victims, through your generosity. Please know that our appreciation runs deep.

We are part of a great movement that seeks better livelihoods for working people. In moments like these, we know that movement has a heart of gold.