Applications to the Texas Workers Relief Fund for assistance stemming from Hurricane Harvey have been suspended.

  Thousands of union members in Texas who suffered substantial losses in the hurricane and flooding applied to the fund. We continue to process the applications and send out gift cards via local labor organizations to eligible applicants. However, the capacity of the fund to continue payments has been reached, at least for now.

  Knowing the larger needs, we sincerely regret this resource is limited, but we are proud to have been able to make solidarity payments at an unprecedented level. Our efforts to raise additional funds are continuing and we hope to be in a position to make additional contributions to the relief effort. 

  Thanks to the many labor organizations that have promoted the Texas Workers Relief Fund. This is the labor movement at its best - Brothers and Sisters rising to the occasion for each other. We are grateful for the chance to serve our members through the generosity of so many and will continue to work to help those in need.