July 23, 2017

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John Patrick: Deaths of Eight in Overheated Truck Highlight Need to Keep Up Human Trafficking Fight, Seek Comprehensive Immigration Reform

   In the wake of the tragic deaths of 10 immigrants whose bodies were discovered over the weekend in an overheated truck in San Antonio, Texas AFL-CIO President John Patrick issued the following statement:

  “Over several legislative sessions, Texans have worked in bipartisan fashion to fight the scourge of human trafficking. The deaths of 10 immigrants and discovery of nearly 30 survivors demonstrate anew that the best chance of preventing such tragedies lies in comprehensive federal immigration reform.”

  “The immigrants who died horrifically in that truck were looking for a better life. They were desperate enough to go to the extreme length of taking that truck ride, with all its attendant risks, to find work for the sake of their families. This tragedy for humanity saddens us. We are just as saddened by the likelihood that if our political leaders fail to step up and reform a broken immigration system, it will happen again and again.”