June 30,2017


                                                                                                News Release

Contacts: John Patrick,
Rick Levy or Ed Sills
                                                                                              (512) 477-6195


Texas AFL-CIO to Paxton: Leave DACA Alone

  Statement by Rick Levy, Secretary-Treasurer, Texas AFL-CIO at today’s rally against Attorney General Ken Paxton’s announcement regarding DACA:

  “The Texas-led lawsuit to end the rights of ‘Dreamers’ to stay in the U.S. under DACA is mean-spirited, backward-looking, and a new low in an era of political grandstanding against real immigration reform. It is abysmally wrong to tell young people who were brought to our state, have contributed to our state and are building a future for our state that they have no legal status here.” 

 The Texas AFL-CIO’s outstanding summer intern, Adriana Aguirre, told her story as a “Dreamer” and added:

   “DACA has provided me and others like me an opportunity to work, to get a driver’s license and to help provide for our families. We want to build Texas, but the lawsuit against DACA will only tear apart communities.”