May 24, 2017


                     News Release


Contacts: John Patrick,
Rick Levy or Ed Sills,


Texas AFL-CIO Condemns Threats on U.S. Rep. Al Green

In the wake of death threats against U.S. Rep. Al Green, D-Houston, following Green’s call for President Donald Trump’s impeachment, Texas AFL-CIO President John Patrick issued the following statement:

  “Congressman Al Green is our close friend, but that doesn’t have anything to do with our defense of his right to call for the impeachment of a President. The Texas AFL-CIO condemns any and all threats of violence against elected officials.”

  “The reported social media remarks directed at Congressman Green, however, sink even lower by invoking race. We agree with him that if we don’t stand against the use of the ‘n’ word and against threats of ‘lynching,’ then ‘hate rules…and if hate rules, we lose our democracy."

  “These are passionate times in politics, but there is never an excuse for making threats of violence or racist attacks part of the conversation. We hope the law is applied appropriately.”