The Texas AFL-CIO is pleased to provide this digital labor story as a public service for the students of Texas-for the young men and women in our high schools and for the many adults in apprentice­ship programs, labor studies courses, community colleges, univer­sities and continuing education courses. 

The history of the fee trade union movement in America is a proud and colorful one. It is an integral part of our struggle through two centuries to preserve the dignity and worth of every individual as we work together for the common good. Texas, too, has its share of labor history, which does not receive proper attention in our textbooks. 

We wish to thank the Labor Studies program at the University of Kentucky for the national labor history in the first section of this publication. The essays on our Texas labor helitage are mostly tl1e result of effo1ts by Dr. George Green and Dr. James Maroney. Because this publication was first published in 1983, this edition has been updated with the assistance of others, whom we also thank. Photographs are courtesy of the Labor Archives at the University of Texas and the Library of Congress. 

We hope the information in this booklet will stimulate a desire among students to learn more about our union cause. To all the working people of Texas who are proud of their union helitage, we dedicate this work.