We need you to take action today to protect secure retirements for our public servants like teachers, firefighters, nurses, and public safety officers.  

Governor Abbott has appointed Josh McGee to chair the State Pension Review Board, which oversees public pension funds in the state. Here’s the problem: Josh McGee wants to gut public pensions. He wants to replace them with risky 401K retirement plans that enrich big banks at the expense of working people. 

The Texas Senate will begin the hearing to confirm Josh McGee’s appointment tomorrow, so we still have a chance to protect secure retirements.  Tell your Senator to reject the nomination of Josh McGee to the State Pension Review Board.

Josh McGee’s appointment would be a serious threat to the livelihood of Texas’ public employees. Not only has he published a number of misleading, meaningless reports attacking public pensions, he’s also an employee of the Laura and John Arnold Foundation - funded by an Enron hedge fund billionaire, which promotes anti-pension ideology across the country. 

We can’t allow an anti-pension ideologue to oversee the public pension funds in Texas. The retirement security of thousands of teachers, firefighters, librarians, and others is at stake.  Urge your Senator to vote “no” on Josh McGee’s nomination.