Senate Bill 4, would disrespect law officers who believe building good relationships with all communities is a far better strategy than turning state and local police into a federalized deportation force. It would force working people to spend additional money, directly on jails and indirectly in higher everyday costs. 

The bill before us would ensnare good, working people in a “show me your papers” system. Under this system, an undocumented, immigrant janitor, for example, who is stopped on his way to work for a MINOR TRAFFIC VIOLATION, can find himself facing deportation proceedings. He would be separated from his family, including his children. - Rene Lara, Legislative Director - SB4 Testimony

On a more basic level, at its best the labor movement takes risks and fights for civil rights for all. When the law was arrayed against earlier generations of immigrants, the labor movement became a vehicle for workers to progress into the middle class. In 2017, we must continue to answer not just to the law, but to a higher power.



Here's What to Say:

Hi this is [your name], I live in [city] and I am a constituent of Senator [their name]. I oppose Senate Bill 4. I urge you to listen to the outpouring of opposition from working people, local law enforcement and community leaders as we stand by our belief that SB 4 is dangerous to public safety and will have a devastating impact on families and communities’ in our state. Senator [their name], please listen to your constituents and vote no on SB 4 as it will hurt all Texans.

Senator Bryan Hughes, District 1

Capitol office: (512) 463-0101

Senator Bob Hall, District 2

Capitol office: (512) 463-0102

Senator Robert Nichols, District 3

Capitol office: (512) 463-0103

Senator Brandon Creighton, District 4

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Senator Charles Schwertner, District 5

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Senator Sylvia R. Garcia, District 6

Capitol office: (512) 463-0106

Senator Paul Bettencourt, District 7

Capitol office: (512) 463-0107

Senator Van Taylor, District 8

Capitol office: (512) 463-0108

Senator Kelly Hancock, District 9

Capitol office: (512) 463-0109

Senator Konni Burton, District 10

Capitol office: (512) 463-0110

Senator Larry Taylor, District 11

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Senator Jane Nelson, District 12

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Senator Borris L. Miles, District 13

Capitol office: (512) 463-0113

Senator Kirk Watson, District 14

Capitol office: (512) 463-0114

Senator John Whitmire, District 15

Capitol office: (512) 463-0115

Senator Don Huffines, District 16

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Senator Joan Huffman, District 17

Capitol office: (512) 463-0117

Senator Lois W. Kolkhorst, District 18

Capitol office: (512) 463-0118

Senator Carlos I. Uresti, District 19

Capitol office: (512) 463-0119

Senator Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa, District 20

Capitol office: (512) 463-0120

Senator Judith Zaffirini, District 21

Capitol office: (512) 463-0121

Senator Brian Birdwell, District 22

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Senator Royce West, District 23

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Senator Dawn Buckingham, District 24

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Senator Donna Campbell, District 25

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Senator José Menéndez, District 26

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Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr., District 27

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Senator Charles Perry, District 28

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Senator José Rodríguez, District 29

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Senator Craig Estes, District 30

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Senator Kel Seliger, District 31

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