CWA Pushes for Call Center and Worker Protections Resolution at County Conventions

CWA Pushes for Call Center and Worker Protections Resolution at County Conventions

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Support for Call Center Consumer and Worker Protections

            WHEREAS, more than four million Americans, representing nearly four percent of the U.S. workforce, including an estimated 257,600 customer service representative workers in Texas; and 

WHEREAS, technology makes moving customer service jobs easy and cheap for companies; and

            WHEREAS, many companies outsource their customer sales and service operations to third party call centers, and many of these centers are located offshore in countries like India, the Philippines, Mexico, and Honduras; and

            WHEREAS, outsourcing and offshoring call center work leads to lower living standards and loss of good jobs for workers and communities; and

            WHEREAS, many communities have used taxpayer dollars to subsidize location of call centers in their communities, only to see the centers then close their doors and move the work out of state; and

            WHEREAS, offshoring call center work to countries that are not bound by U.S. privacy laws exposes U.S. consumers to increased threat of identity and data theft; and

            THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Texas House of Representatives supports maintaining good call center jobs in Texas by barring tax incentives and state contracts to companies that move significant numbers of call center jobs outside of Texas.

Ending Temporary Protected Status for El Salvador Undermines Our Freedom to Fight for All Working People

Ending Temporary Protected Status for El Salvador Undermines Our Freedom to Fight for All Working People

Ending Temporary Protected Status for El Salvador Undermines Our Freedom to Fight for All Working People

January 8, 2018

In response to the Donald Trump administration’s announcement of the termination of Temporary Protected Status for El Salvador, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka issued the following statement:

Today’s decision will force hundreds of thousands of hardworking people who have lived in our country and played by the rules for decades into the shadow economy. This decision will not only destabilize families, communities and workplaces, particularly in the construction, hospitality and service industries, it will undermine our freedom to fight together for better wages and equality at work for all working people.  

The pattern of recent terminations of TPS status for Sudan, Nicaragua, Haiti and now El Salvador suggests that this administration is intent on ending a humanitarian program that has long been supported by presidents of both parties due to the benefits it provides both at home and abroad. Ignoring the recommendations of faith, union and business leaders, the administration is instead pursuing an agenda that cruelly strips away work authorization from deserving men and women, making them vulnerable to exploitation and abuse on the job.

The union movement will continue to stand with TPS holders from all affected countries. Once again, we call upon Congress to address this created crisis by providing a well-earned road map to citizenship for working people who have contributed so much to our nation.

Contact: Gonzalo Salvador (202) 637-5018


Add your name: Don't Take Away Our Healthcare

Add your name: Don't Take Away Our Healthcare

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and extremist Republican leaders in Congress held hearings last week on their plan to take away health care from millions of families.

We didn’t know the full details of the bill because they literally had the text locked behind closed doors in a basement in Congress. They finally released the text, and it’s as bad as we thought it would be. Millions of people will have their health benefits eliminated under their plan, millionaires will get a huge tax break and working people will be hit with a permanent tax on their health care benefits.

We’re hearing that they want to ram this bill through quickly to hold a final vote on it in the House by the end of the month, so the Senate can take it up in April. We need to act now.

Sign the petition immediately to tell Congress you oppose plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act because it will take away health care benefits from millions of people, give a huge tax break to millionaires and impose a burdensome permanent tax on working people’s health benefits.

We heard a lot of powerful stories shared with members of Congress at town halls across the country last month. Mothers who are still alive because of cancer treatment they received under the Affordable Care Act. Families who, for the first time, didn’t have to make the difficult decision of putting food on the table or paying for doctor visits and prescription drugs.

That’s what makes the proposals of out-of-touch Republicans so infuriating. People’s lives are on the line and they hid the specific details of this plan from us until the last minute, so they didn’t have to face angry constituents.

But their playbook is the same as it has been for years now. They want to:

  1. Repeal the Affordable Care Act without a replacement that ensures everyone has quality, affordable health care.

  2. Gut Medicaid benefits for millions of people and dismantle Medicare.

  3. Give millionaires big tax breaks on their health benefits.

  4. Impose a permanent tax on employer-provided benefits for tens of thousands of families.

Virtually everything working people have gained to improve health and retirement security since the 1940s is now at risk, including Medicare, Medicaid, workplace health plans, the Affordable Care Act and Social Security.

Our families and communities deserve better. We need to continue to fight to make quality, affordable health care a basic right.

Add your name immediately to the petition to Congress to make it clear you oppose the reckless plans of Republicans to take away health care benefits from millions of people.


Email Your TX Senator: Protect Public Pensions

Email Your TX Senator: Protect Public Pensions

We need you to take action today to protect secure retirements for our public servants like teachers, firefighters, nurses, and public safety officers.  

Governor Abbott has appointed Josh McGee to chair the State Pension Review Board, which oversees public pension funds in the state. Here’s the problem: Josh McGee wants to gut public pensions. He wants to replace them with risky 401K retirement plans that enrich big banks at the expense of working people. 

The Texas Senate will begin the hearing to confirm Josh McGee’s appointment tomorrow, so we still have a chance to protect secure retirements.  Tell your Senator to reject the nomination of Josh McGee to the State Pension Review Board.

Josh McGee’s appointment would be a serious threat to the livelihood of Texas’ public employees. Not only has he published a number of misleading, meaningless reports attacking public pensions, he’s also an employee of the Laura and John Arnold Foundation - funded by an Enron hedge fund billionaire, which promotes anti-pension ideology across the country. 

We can’t allow an anti-pension ideologue to oversee the public pension funds in Texas. The retirement security of thousands of teachers, firefighters, librarians, and others is at stake.  Urge your Senator to vote “no” on Josh McGee’s nomination.


AFL-CIO Celebrates International Women’s Day

AFL-CIO Celebrates International Women’s Day

Statement by AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler on International Women’s Day:

The AFL-CIO and its 12.5 million working people are proud to celebrate International Women’s Day. Today, and every day, we stand in solidarity with working women in the wake of unprecedented hostile rhetoric aimed at women by elected leaders and attacks on the rights of all workers. As we join union women and allies at the Women Workers Rising rally, we send a clear message to politicians: the status quo is not working and it is time for you to pay attention.

Every day, women workers are subject to sexual harassment and violence on the job. Women workers are indispensable, yet we still are paid less for doing the same work while also taking on greater responsibility in our homes. On International Women’s Day, we recommit to fighting for equal pay, paid family leave, affordable child care, health care and, most importantly, dignity and respect on the job.


Statement online here:

Your Paycheck! Your Choice - Vote NO on SB13


Click Here to Email Your Senator and Ask They OPPOSE SB13 and Share This Link on Facebook:

Call or Email Your State Senator NOW!

It’s your job. It's your paycheck. How you spend your hard-earned money ought to be your choice. Ask your Senator to OPPOSE Senate Bill 13.

Texas workers need your help today. Instead of passing laws to raise wages, make college more affordable, or punish corporations that ship jobs overseas, some politicians in Austin are pushing a bill called Senate Bill 13 (known as SB13). SB 13 is an attack on the personal economic freedom of teachers in our kids' public schools, city workers who keep our communities running, CPS caseworkers who protect vulnerable children, and other hard-working public employees. The bill would take away the ability of public employees and retirees to make purely voluntary payments from their own earnings via safe and secure paycheck dues deduction to the employee or professional organization of their choice.

Can you take a few minutes to call your senator and ask that they OPPOSE SB13? It is going to take each and every one of us to block this bad bill, and our elected officials need to hear from us.

This is the power of labor in action! It’s going to take all of us making the call and asking our union brothers and sisters to do so as well. I'm so glad to have you with us on this.

Call Senators Ted Cruz & Cornyn! No on DeVos

Cruz - 202-224-5922  Cornyn - 202-224-2934

Betsy DeVos is the most ideological, anti-public education nominee put forward since President Carter created a Cabinet-level Department of Education. 

We need to make sure Ted Cruz and John Cornyn hear loud and clear that Texans want an education secretary who supports and will strengthen public education - not one who’s determined to destroy it.

Call Your Texas Senator TODAY! VOTE NO on SB4 - Sanctuary Cities Bill.


Senate Bill 4, would disrespect law officers who believe building good relationships with all communities is a far better strategy than turning state and local police into a federalized deportation force. It would force working people to spend additional money, directly on jails and indirectly in higher everyday costs. 

The bill before us would ensnare good, working people in a “show me your papers” system. Under this system, an undocumented, immigrant janitor, for example, who is stopped on his way to work for a MINOR TRAFFIC VIOLATION, can find himself facing deportation proceedings. He would be separated from his family, including his children. - Rene Lara, Legislative Director - SB4 Testimony

On a more basic level, at its best the labor movement takes risks and fights for civil rights for all. When the law was arrayed against earlier generations of immigrants, the labor movement became a vehicle for workers to progress into the middle class. In 2017, we must continue to answer not just to the law, but to a higher power.



Here's What to Say:

Hi this is [your name], I live in [city] and I am a constituent of Senator [their name]. I oppose Senate Bill 4. I urge you to listen to the outpouring of opposition from working people, local law enforcement and community leaders as we stand by our belief that SB 4 is dangerous to public safety and will have a devastating impact on families and communities’ in our state. Senator [their name], please listen to your constituents and vote no on SB 4 as it will hurt all Texans.

Senator Bryan Hughes, District 1

Capitol office: (512) 463-0101

Senator Bob Hall, District 2

Capitol office: (512) 463-0102

Senator Robert Nichols, District 3

Capitol office: (512) 463-0103

Senator Brandon Creighton, District 4

Capitol office: (512) 463-0104

Senator Charles Schwertner, District 5

Capitol office: (512) 463-0105

Senator Sylvia R. Garcia, District 6

Capitol office: (512) 463-0106

Senator Paul Bettencourt, District 7

Capitol office: (512) 463-0107

Senator Van Taylor, District 8

Capitol office: (512) 463-0108

Senator Kelly Hancock, District 9

Capitol office: (512) 463-0109

Senator Konni Burton, District 10

Capitol office: (512) 463-0110

Senator Larry Taylor, District 11

Capitol office: (512) 463-0111

Senator Jane Nelson, District 12

Capitol office: (512) 463-0112

Senator Borris L. Miles, District 13

Capitol office: (512) 463-0113

Senator Kirk Watson, District 14

Capitol office: (512) 463-0114

Senator John Whitmire, District 15

Capitol office: (512) 463-0115

Senator Don Huffines, District 16

Capitol office: (512) 463-0116

Senator Joan Huffman, District 17

Capitol office: (512) 463-0117

Senator Lois W. Kolkhorst, District 18

Capitol office: (512) 463-0118

Senator Carlos I. Uresti, District 19

Capitol office: (512) 463-0119

Senator Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa, District 20

Capitol office: (512) 463-0120

Senator Judith Zaffirini, District 21

Capitol office: (512) 463-0121

Senator Brian Birdwell, District 22

Capitol office: (512) 463-0122

Senator Royce West, District 23

Capitol office: (512) 463-0123

Senator Dawn Buckingham, District 24

Capitol office: (512) 463-0124

Senator Donna Campbell, District 25

Capitol office: (512) 463-0125

Senator José Menéndez, District 26

Capitol office: (512) 463-0126

Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr., District 27

Capitol office: (512) 463-0127

Senator Charles Perry, District 28

Capitol office: (512) 463-0128

Senator José Rodríguez, District 29

Capitol office: (512) 463-0129

Senator Craig Estes, District 30

Capitol office: (512) 463-0130

Senator Kel Seliger, District 31

Capitol office: (512) 463-0131


Don’t let Trump Roll Back Gains for Workers

Trumka AFL-CIO.jpg

Much has been made of President Trump’s sweeping comments and random tweets. But now that he’s been officially sworn in, the consequences for American workers are much more tangible.

Donald Trump will soon decide whether or not to repeal a number of pro-worker regulations that make a real difference in the lives of working people.

Regulations make sure our food is inspected, and Wall Street firms from bleeding our retirement funds. They help us stay safe on the job, and to prevent airplanes from falling apart in the sky.

The push for removing regulations has always come from those in the millionaire and billionaire class, who want to line their pockets at the expense of everyday Americans. They prefer rules that maximize their wealth — a trickle-down approach that has failed our nation time and time again.

Overtime pay is one example. If you make $47,476 or less, a new rule says your employer must pay you fairly if you work more than 40 hours a week. This is a necessary step to restore overtime protections that have been eroding for decades.

But now a U.S. district court in Texas has halted the rule, and the man Trump has tapped to lead the Labor Department is openly hostile to it.  

Abandoning the overtime rule would amount to a pay cut for workers like Lora McCrary, who manages a profitable national auto supply chain where the demands of her job require approximately 70 hours a week. Even though she makes a little over $24,000 a year, like many other modestly paid “managers,” she doesn’t get a cent in overtime.

With the new rule, the company would have to provide time and a half for each hour of overtime worked. Without the rule, Lora and millions of others will be forced to continue living on partial paychecks, leaving less money for gas, groceries and rent.

Here’s another example: After decades of deliberation and delay, the Obama administration instituted long overdue controls on deadly silica dust, which literally suffocates workers to death. Repealing the silica rule would make life more dangerous for millions of people who work in construction, foundries, shipyards and oil and gas.

Trump could also dismantle an executive order that ensures federal contracts go to employers that respect workers’ rights and obey wage and workplace safety laws, resuming the flow of taxpayer dollars to corporations that exploit and marginalize working people. This essentially rewards bad actors. Working people are rightly concerned about what lies ahead. 

The debate over regulations is more than talk show chatter. Government rules and standards help shape our daily lives. Over the last eight years, the Obama administration has taken numerous important, commonsense actions with the aim of building an economy that is fairer for working people. President Trump should not spend his first days in office dismantling this progress. The result would be an all-out assault on our paychecks, safety and economic security. 

“Burdensome regulation” is one of the great lies in American politics. It is not a burden to be paid for the hours you work. It is not a burden to be safe on the job from illness, injury or death. The American dream is not a burden.

Trump promised to make life better for American workers. Now, as president, he has a chance to honor those promises with action. His Cabinet nominations — including a Labor Secretary who routinely violates labor law — are a bad start. But Trump can help stop the bleeding by leaving hard-won, pro-worker regulations in place.

If not, millions of Americans will be dramatically worse off.

 Richard Trumka is president of the 12.5 million member AFL-CIO, America’s labor federation.